Endless Competition

from by Real Life



Kishi is a metaphor for all the tech startups that have invaded the Bay Area and all other places, for the internet in general:

"The kishi is a two-faced demon in Angola. According to legend, a kishi has an attractive human man's face on the front of its body and a hyena's face on the back. Kishi are said to use their human face, as well as smooth talk and other charms to attract young women, who they then eat with the hyena face.[1] The hyena face is said to have long sharp teeth and jaws so strong they cannot be pulled off of anything it bites."


we got nowhere left to go
we got nowhere left to go
Kishi he wants, wants our home, wants us whole,
so we push and push and push, what do we sow?
the seeeeeeds of

endless competition endless competition

we got nowhere left to go
so we can, look down, look down get lost look down get lost
or we can, pretend , we enjoy to entertain them
or we can, look up, lean in take hold lean in take hold
if time is money then your blood is gold

endless competition endless competition

so over the tech over


from 2941​-​1492, track released June 28, 2016



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Real Life San Francisco, California


Feb 3rd @ Oakland Secret!

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